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Saturday, 19 January 2013

My Art (Uni Art Exhibition)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since I've made a post, I've been super busy getting ready for my Art exhibition! 

I'm currently in my final year of university, I'm training to be a primary school teacher. I specialise in Art so this double module was a lot of work! 

I thought I'd share my paintings with you, they are of my Dad, my Uncle and my Grampy. They are all oils on canvas, with OS maps bonded to the canvases. 

The inspiration behind my pieces was examining the stories you can read about people’s lives on their faces. The maps were meant to be symbolic of the journeys people take and how they show on our faces as the journeys continue. I looked at pictures of these celebrities who use fillers and botox to iron out their wrinkles and it made me feel a bit sad... It's like their ashamed of the lives they've lived! Smile lines are a testament to the happy memories and experiences we have had and those frown lines are proof of the trials and tribulations that have resulted in the wise experienced people we are. 

I wrote a poem to accompany the paintings: 

What can we tell about a face?
To gaze upon it and then trace
Every smile that left its mark,
Frown lines hint at times of dark
For times we've cried, for times we've laughed
For all the struggles and the graft
Etched yet deeper on the skin
So different from whence time begin
A wrinkle's more than just a line
It shows the passage of our time
Denotes the journeys we have taken
Ongoing voyages to awaken
A facial autobiography
Composed like stark cartography

I hope you like them! I'll be back posting as normal from now on!

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