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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream Review

Clinque All About Eyes Eye Cream Review  

Background: I have genetic dark under eye bags coupled with dry and sometimes flakey skin in that area. So I've been dealt quite a crappy hand when it comes to the eye area. 

Overview: For me, this is the BEST under eye cream I've tried. It does nothing in terms of my dark circles but it does de-puff them in the morning times (I generally wake up with eyes not dissimilar to those of a new born hamster) and makes concealer application a piece of cake. 

Consistency: Almost gel like, very rich and extremely moisturising

Application: I use the tiniest amount on my ring finger, rub said fingers together to warm it up and gently tap under my eyes. It sinks in fairly quickly, leaves no residue to cause makeup to slide but keeps area really hydrated

Packaging: It's a small glass jar; which I prefer because I can easily scrape out the dregs compared to a squeezy tube

Price: £24 for 15ml; a pot will last me about 5-6 months with daily use. I have never ever paid for this with cash, it lasts the exact amount of time it takes me to save up £24 worth of Boots Advantage Card points. However, I'd definitely fork out the cash as I think its totally worth it

Clinique Eye Cream Gel

Summary: I use this over top of an SPF 50 as insurance against eye wrinkles. I can't say whether it prevents them or not, I'm not a scientist but I love it as a preventative method of my concealer flaking and drying. 
To compare All About Eyes to All About Eyes Rich, I've had a sample of the latter and I don't think it's anywhere near as rich or moisturising as the original PLUS it makes my concealer move around and settle.  

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